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Android Just Volume Lite


"Just Volume" is a simple Android application created to manage the volume of main audio streams like media volume, incoming call volume, alarm volume and others. It can be used as a neat replacement of native volume control application located in "Settings -> "Sound" -> "Volume". It also has some additional features to manage volome effectively.

Minimum requirements: Android OS v.2.0.

Tested on Samsung Galaxy S I9000, HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire.

If there are any problems, please, mail to justvolumelite@dsistemas.lv and provide the name of smartphone model and OS (MOD) version. We will look into.


Bullet Control the volume
Control the volume level of audio streams.
Bullet Profiles
Create and manage unlimited count of profiles with predefined volume settings like "Home", "Work", "Sports Activities", etc.
Bullet Look and feel
Adjust the look and feel - a) hide/unhide volume controls in your defined profiles; b) change the color of volume controls; c) hide/unhide profile name or volume level numeric values.

Change Log

Bullet Version 1.8, Latest version, 3th February 2011
Minor re-design of underlying code structure. Layout changes in preference tab. Changed background image.
Bullet Version 1.6, 2th February 2011
Some more optimizations for devices with small display like HTC Wildfire. Added link of "Just Volume" official homepage in "Info" tab. GUI tweaks - added new graphic resources for tabs.
Bullet Version 1.4, 1th February 2011
Added support of volume UP and DOWN keys.
Bullet Version 1.2, 31th January 2011
Added preference tab with configuration settings.
Bullet Version 1.0, 30th January 2011
Initial version with basic volume and profile control functionality.


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